EO Tour de Malaysia


“ Chris is a very caring and thoughtful man. However, he is not so much of a romantic person, and a bit too shy at times, that makes him a very down-to-earth man. I guess this is where the attraction is, a caring, thoughtful and humble man with great sense of humour.” - April


“April is beautiful, funny, smart, charming, unique, nice, bubbly, cuddly, sincere and caring. She is as warm as a sunrise on a summer’s day, colourful like autumn leaves in the month of May. She puts a little bit of heaven in me, I’m so lucky to see her sweet face when I wake. She makes me feel like a man.” - Chris



It all started as a personal project of mine to document a love story of a loving couple or more specifically a soon-to-be husband-wife couple. Who best to fit into this criteria than my very own niece, April Lim and her soon-to-be husband Chris Garvey! 


Next, is my journey with my wife to Melbourne to visit them and to spend the next 7 days with them, to document their life journey and to be part of their life in that 7 days.


It turns out to be one of my (and my wife’s) and April and Chris (I believe) best moments in life - pampered with great food (both home cooked and dine-out), taken cared so well by them during the whole period and living comfortably in their lovely home.


Documenting their life and telling their love story pictorially remain one of my best experiences in my life. May both of you, April and Chris, be blessed with a great life together, lots of love, fun and joy and good health along your life journey.