A Bahkuteh Story

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This story is about John Lee’s Bakuteh Restaurant, a 71 years old business which was passed down from his grandfather to his father and eventually to him from his parents.


The restaurant is situated at Jalan Raya Timur which actually is on the same row with Klang KTM Station. Known locally as “the restaurant under the bridge”, to be exact ‘Jambatan Tengku Musaddin’ bridge, which is also the logo that is being used by John for his Restaurant.


The story also depict the behind the scenes, of all the works before most of us wakes up that is being done, such as preparation of the soup, the ingredients, getting the shop clean and ready for business.


It also captured some moments of John having his break – enjoying his pot of Green Tea and also some special moments spent with his clients. 


Another important aspect in this story is about John’s delegation of work to his able staff as well as his effort to impart most of his skills and knowhow to one of his most reliable assistant, or rather ‘right hand man’.


At the end of the day, there are still lots of work to be done, with his team of dedicated staff working tirelessly yet carefree and happy cleaning up the shop, not to mention the preparation for the next day’s business again. 


This series encompasses all the activities that happened all in yet another typical day for the owner John, his wife and his team of dedicated workers. Its truly a life story from dawn to dusk.